A New Chapter

Let’s start this again.

I’ve started a new chapter in my life called ‘MA Library Science’, a change prompted by my job as a Library Assistant at Middlesex University and my manager, who told me to look into Library and Information Science (LIS) if I really wanted to develop a career in this sector.

Just two weeks into the course and we’ve explored topics like ethics, censorship and most interestingly, what can be considered a document like thoughts, performance or speech. The ideas around speech set my mind buzzing; my own background is Jamaican and the patois we speak usually exists as a spoken language, though there are many examples of it being written down including a version of the New Testament, created in December 2011. That alone sparked a debate about whether Patois could be considered a ‘real’ language.

A slight detour but I what I think I’m trying to grasp at is, that nearly everything we do from looking up a book in a library to the way you organise the apps on your phone can be linked to LIS.

I’m already looking forward to the lively discussions in my next lecture!


One thought on “A New Chapter

  1. Great distillation of the essence of what we have covered at CityLIS so far! I love the idea of ‘speech as a document’ and your interest in languages which are not usually written down has great potential for further investigation! Smashing start!

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