Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks

I have had dreams of Paris. Being a former literature student, I thought of strolling down a road, heading to a cafe to read and observe the city buzzing around me. This book only intensifies that desire.


Paris Sketchbook, by Jason Brooks, is a collection of drawings, collages and sketches revolving around ‘Architecture’, ‘The Street’, ‘Le Café’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Art’, ‘A to B’ and ‘La Nuit’. My favourite section has to be ‘Le Café’ because if there’s one thing I love more than books, its food!


You clearly see the love and care that goes into an illustrated book like this, the details and little notes make you feel as if you’re already in the capital! I only wish I could draw as well as this; the last time I put pencil to paper was Art GCSE! Oh the stress…


Props to whoever produced this book because it is beautiful, all different textures and styles, it would make a wonderful addition anyone’s coffee table. (I sound like a salesperson there but it’s the truth!) With any luck soon I’ll be able to stroll down the streets of Paris, with a book in hand…


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