What else can we do with Data?

As we approach the end of our DITA module, I've found myself reflecting on all of the concepts we've learned; what data is, how it can be tamed, organised, disseminated, counted and analysed. There's so much we've explored with data yet we've only begun to scratch the surface of Library Science. A couple of weeks ago, David Bawden taught us about exploring the meaning in data and … Continue reading What else can we do with Data?

What to do with the Data?

What to do with the Data?  As my CityLis classmates and I delve further into the world of information, I am learning that there are more ways to research and gather information than I'd ever imagined. Even though using Google is still a favourite of mine!  Last week in CityLis, we were asking ourselves, once we have data, how do we work with it? We can collect it, store it, clean it, … Continue reading What to do with the Data?

Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks

I have had dreams of Paris. Being a former literature student, I thought of strolling down a road, heading to a cafe to read and observe the city buzzing around me. This book only intensifies that desire. Paris Sketchbook, by Jason Brooks, is a collection of drawings, collages and sketches revolving around ‘Architecture’, ‘The Street’, ‘Le … Continue reading Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks